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Bozell & Graham Column: Two Very Different Tax Day Protests

6yrs ago from News Busters
Leftist protesters around the country used the annual tax deadline on April 15 as an occasion to hold rallies demanding the release of President Trump’s tax returns. They could use large inflatable chickens and signs with hammers and sickles saying “Show us your rubles,” and no journalist would be offended. Knowing the president, this will have all the effectiveness of national rallies that demand we get transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s six-figure speeches. It’s unlikely.
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Tax Expert: GOP Has Window of 'Opportunity' for Major Reform

6yrs ago from WND
As Americans sprinted to the mailbox or their computer to file their income taxes Tuesday, the leader of the nation’s largest grassroots taxpayers organization says major tax reform is necessary, is still doable, and there’s no better time than now. National Taxpayers Union President Pete Sepp told WND and Radio America that Republicans may well […]
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Likeliest Outcome of Tax Reform Is a Deficit-Financed Tax Cut for

6yrs ago from Common Dreams
Undeterred by their failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Republicans look set to move on to the next item in Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” agenda—tax reform. This post helps set the stage for the upcoming tax reform debate and explains why “tax reform” will in the end likely just become a deficit-financed tax cut for the rich and corporations that expires in 10 years—a decade of free money for groups that don’t really need it and a problem for policymakers to deal with in the future.
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Tax Day Fun: Watch Lionel Barrymore Give an I.R.S. Agent the Runaround Over Income Tax

6yrs ago from Red State
It was Tax Day in the U.S. today. That special day of the year when most everyone who had the nerve to earn money in this country had to pay up. It’s likely the day that’s engendered the least charitable feelings of many an American worker for generations. At least as far back as 1938 the progressive income tax has been griped about in the | Read More »
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Fox Echoes Trump’s Attacks on Tax March: “The Election Is Over!”

6yrs ago from Media Matters
Fox News echoed the insults and attacks President Donald Trump leveled against tens of thousands of Americans that took part in over 180 rallies and events in 48 states over the weekend in protest of the president’s refusal to disclose his tax returns. On April 15, the day that federal tax returns are typically due to be filed, organizers
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