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Don’t ‘Brexit’ on AIDS, Pleads Bill Clinton

3yrs ago from Raw Story
Bill Clinton pleaded with the world Friday not to abandon the campaign to rein in the HIV virus which still kills nearly a million people every year and infects twice as many. The world must “hold the line” until a vaccine or cure is found, or face “calamitous” consequences, the US ex-president told the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam “There can be no Brexit in the fight against AIDS,” said the founder of the …
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Faulty Vaccines for Children Causes Widespread Fear, Anger in China

3yrs ago from The Blaze
Chinese citizens and officials are outraged over the discovery that hundreds of thousands of vaccines recently administered to children in the country were faulty. What? How could that happen? An investigation has been launched by China's Food and Drug Administration into the practices of vaccine manufacturer Changsheng Biotechnology Co., after it was discovered that the firm allegedly violated safety standards and subsequently sold more than 250,000 doses of common immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. Earlier this month, it was discovered that Changsheng had also falsified the production records of a rabies shot the company had developed, but none of those vaccines made it to market. Meanwhile, frustrated parents are left waiting to hear what steps to take next, not knowing what type of reaction the impacted children might have to further boosters now that the shots have been deemed ineffective. So, now what? Five of the company's executives have been taken into custody by …
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America, Russia and Israel Are in Sync About Objectives in the Aftermath of the Syrian Civil War

3yrs ago from Washington Times
The Trump-Putin summit came at a highly propitious time, with respect to the Syrian civil war that is now in its final stage. Statements by both leaders reflect not only a common understanding of the problems in Syria that lie ahead but the reality that this is an area where both leaders have been engaged with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on the need to ensure Israeli security as well as the refugee problem and a need to eliminate ISIS and other radical terrorists in the area.
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