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A Bright Green Comet Called the 'Incredible Hulk' Will Cross the Sky Tonight

3yrs ago from The Week
Stargazers will have a rare chance to see a green streak crossing the sky Tuesday night, Newsweek reports. First discovered in late 2017, the speedy chunk of ice and rock known formally as PanSTARRS C/2017 S3 is making its rounds again, but in a slightly different way this time. Back in July, observers were able to see the bright green color of the comet thanks to a cloud of cyanide and carbon molecules surrounding it — hence its nickname, the "Incredible Hulk." As it got closer to the sun, the comet broke up from the intense heat, which means it's fading from view, Weather reported. But if we're lucky, another explosion of the comet's pieces, which are still traveling together, may make it brighter as it crosses the night sky. At its closest, the "Incredible Hulk" will be about 70 million miles from the Earth, before passing us to head closer to the sun, Live Science reported. By August 15, it will reach its closest point to the sun — just 18.5 million miles away, which is even closer than Mercury is — before turning around and heading back into space. Fans of this comet, or its superhero namesake, might want to take their opportunity to glimpse it tonight, because if it continues to fade, this may very well be our last chance to see it. Read more about the "Incredible Hulk" at Weather. Shivani Ishwar
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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Set to Reach Another Milestone in Private Space Flight With Tuesday Launch

3yrs ago from The Blaze
Elon Musk's SpaceX program plans to break another important barrier in private space flight Tuesday with the re-launch of a previously-used Block 5 booster just three months after its initial flight. In conjunction with the re-launch, SpaceX announced plans to shorten re-launch times for the Block 5 booster to less than 24 hours by 2019, which would further solidify SpaceX's dominance of the private space flight market — dominance that has already pushed Russian competitors completely out of the market and now threatens to lap the technology of the last remnants of Chinese competition. What's the story? Private space flight companies have been involved in a technological arms race for years on a number of different fronts. One of the most important fronts is the development of an inexpensive reusable rocket booster system that can be used to launch satelites and manned craft into space. SpaceX's previous offering, the Falcon 9 booster, could …
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Group Threatens Legal Action Against UK’s NHS If It Doesn’t Provide Transgender Fertility Treatments

3yrs ago from The Blaze
The Equality and Human Rights Commission in the United Kingdom has threatened legal action against the National Health Service if it doesn't allow transgender patients access to fertility treatments, the Independent reported. The EHRC, a nondepartmental public organization for human rights, issued a formal notice to the NHS calling on it to change its "outdated policies" and make fertility services available without discrimination against those with gender dysphoria. “A choice between treatment for gender dysphoria and the chance to start a family is not a real choice," EHRC chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath told the Independent. "We have asked NHS England to reflect on the true breadth of their statutory mandate and the impact on the transgender community of these outdated policies.” Currently, independent clinical commissioning groups determine which services are needed for a specific community, then it purchases those services on behalf of the population. It is responsible for the health outcomes of the entire …
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NRA Notes Anti-Gun David Hogg’s 'Armed Security'

3yrs ago from WND
(Washington Times) Guns for me, but not for thee. The National Rifle Association taunted gun control activist David Hogg and his group’s Saturday protest at its Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters by noting his security. “Today, @davidhogg111 (with armed security) and a bunch of gun-grabbing activists protested our empty HQ,” the gun-rights organization wrote on Twitter on […]
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Sacha Baron Cohen and Joe Arpaio Have an Amazingly Inappropriate Chat About Trump

3yrs ago from The Week
Early voting has already started in Arizona's Republican Senate primary, and one of the leading candidates, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was Sacha Baron Cohen's unwitting guest on Sunday's Who Is America? This time, Cohen was using the persona OMGWhizzBoyOMG!, billed as "Denmark Number 1 Unboxing!" For some reason, Arpaio agreed to appear on a show about obsessing over Shopkins, and he willingly engaged in the unboxing when one of the little plastic charms, "D'lish Donut," started arguing for gun control. OMGWhizzBoyOMG appeared to win Arpaio over when he said he had a large gun collection himself, to prepare for the coming "race war." Cohen shifted the conversation to President Trump, appearing surprised that Arpaio knows the president. And things got weird, fast. Arpaio said it "wouldn't surprise me" if Trump "had a golden shower," and when Cohen asked if Trump would give him a "golden shower," Arpaio said, "If he sees this and the way you're speaking, he's going to like you, because you think like he thinks." OMGWhizzBoyOMG's use of a creative malapropism for manual labor appeared to throw Arpaio off, because when Cohen asked if Arpaio would accept a certain kind of sexual favor from Trump, Arpaio responded, "I may have to say yes." If you watch the mildly NSFW video below, keep in mind that it was edited and that Senate hopefuls sometimes have to take what free media they can get. Laughing and cringing are also appropriate. Peter Weber
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