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NRA Notes Anti-Gun David Hogg’s 'Armed Security'

4yrs ago from WND
(Washington Times) Guns for me, but not for thee. The National Rifle Association taunted gun control activist David Hogg and his group’s Saturday protest at its Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters by noting his security. “Today, @davidhogg111 (with armed security) and a bunch of gun-grabbing activists protested our empty HQ,” the gun-rights organization wrote on Twitter on […]
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Sacha Baron Cohen and Joe Arpaio Have an Amazingly Inappropriate Chat About Trump

4yrs ago from The Week
Early voting has already started in Arizona's Republican Senate primary, and one of the leading candidates, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was Sacha Baron Cohen's unwitting guest on Sunday's Who Is America? This time, Cohen was using the persona OMGWhizzBoyOMG!, billed as "Denmark Number 1 Unboxing!" For some reason, Arpaio agreed to appear on a show about obsessing over Shopkins, and he willingly engaged in the unboxing when one of the little plastic charms, "D'lish Donut," started arguing for gun control. OMGWhizzBoyOMG appeared to win Arpaio over when he said he had a large gun collection himself, to prepare for the coming "race war." Cohen shifted the conversation to President Trump, appearing surprised that Arpaio knows the president. And things got weird, fast. Arpaio said it "wouldn't surprise me" if Trump "had a golden shower," and when Cohen asked if Trump would give him a "golden shower," Arpaio said, "If he sees this and the way you're speaking, he's going to like you, because you think like he thinks." OMGWhizzBoyOMG's use of a creative malapropism for manual labor appeared to throw Arpaio off, because when Cohen asked if Arpaio would accept a certain kind of sexual favor from Trump, Arpaio responded, "I may have to say yes." If you watch the mildly NSFW video below, keep in mind that it was edited and that Senate hopefuls sometimes have to take what free media they can get. Laughing and cringing are also appropriate. Peter Weber
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Israelis Can’t Believe Americans Are Falling for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Shtick

4yrs ago from The Week
Sacha Baron Cohen's impersonation of an Israeli counterterrorism expert got former Senate candidate Roy Moore worried about a pedophile detector and caused a state representative to resign. And Israelis think it's hilarious. With his fluency in Hebrew and some crafty prosthetics, the Jewish comedian has duped many right-wing politicians by masquerading as an Israeli security instructor in his Showtime series Who is America?. And while Moore said Baron Cohen sought to "embarrass, humiliate, and mock" the Jewish state, Israelis can't believe Moore fell for it, The Associated Press reports. In one segment of his show, Baron Cohen, aka retired Israeli Col. Erran Morad, convinced conservatives that Israel fights school shootings by giving guns to preschoolers. The satire was "outrageously on point," wrote Israel-based columnist Allison Kaplan Sommer, but she's also worried Americans will think Israelis are "gun fans when the truth is our gun control is a million times stricter than in the U.S." Other Israelis have noted American ignorance, but for a different reason. "I haven't recognized any outrage or embarrassment about the character," Einav Schiff, a TV critic for Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, told AP. "It's mostly been ridicule for these Americans who have fallen for him." The convincingness, or lack thereof, of Baron Cohen's olive-fatigued caricature only strengthens the comedian's point: that some pro-Israel politicians have no idea what the state they support is really like. "Apparently these people are so naive that they really think we are like that," a former Israeli soldier told AP. "These Americans will believe anything." Read more about Baron Cohen's overseas fanbase at The Associated Press. Kathryn Krawczyk
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Alex Jones Wants $100,000 from 2 Sandy Hook Parents Suing Him Over 'Crisis Actor' Conspiracy Hoax

4yrs ago from The Week
Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, whose 6-year-old son Noah Pozner was one of 19 first-graders murdered in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, are suing Alex Jones for defamation Wednesday in a courtroom in Austin. They won't be in court, partly due to safety concerns — the couple says they've been forced to move seven times since 2012 because devotees of Jones' Infowars media empire have tracked them down and published their address after every move. Infowars has repeatedly pushed the false conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook was a hoax perpetrated by gun control advocates and De La Rosa is a "crisis actor" in on the plot. Jones wants the defamation case, and separate one scheduled to start Thursday in the same Austin courthouse, "dismissed under the Texas Citizens Participation Act, which protects citizens' right to free speech against plaintiffs who aim to silence them through costly litigation," The New York Times reports. "Jones is seeking more than $100,000 in court costs from the Pozner family." The second defamation case was brought by Marcel Fontaine, who Infowars falsely identified as the gunman in February's mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Nine Sandy Hook families have filed a third suit against Jones in Connecticut. In court filings, Pozner recounts that after he successfully got YouTube to pull an Infowar video in 2015, "Mr. Jones went on an angry rant about me for nearly an hour" then "showed his audience my personal information and maps to addresses associated with my family." In 2016, an Infowars fan was arrested for repeatedly threatening to kill Pozner. Jones' lawyer argues that Jones' conspiracy theories are constitutionally protected opinions and that Pozner and De La Rosa are public figures because they publicly advocate against spreading lies online and for banning assault rifles. If the judge agrees they are public figures, Pozner and De La Rosa will have to prove actual malice, a higher bar. Peter Weber
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8 States Sue to Halt the Release of 3-D Printer Blueprints for an AR-15 Style Rifle — but More Than 1,000 People Have Already Downloaded the Plans

4yrs ago from Business Insider
The Democratic attorneys general in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia argue that the print-at-home guns will help terrorists and criminals get around America's gun control laws.
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Hillary Clinton Is Taking a Stake in the Midterm Elections

4yrs ago from The Week
Hillary Clinton is getting ready for the midterms. Very, very quietly. No, she's not running. Clinton is keeping a low profile — while shoveling money to Democratic candidates across the U.S., CNN reports. Clinton's political organization Onward Together has offered the maximum donation of $5,000 to 19 Democratic House candidates and four secretary of state candidates, Federal Election Commission filings show. Most of the House candidates are on Onward's list of Democratic candidates who are likely to flip currently Republican districts, and many are in districts Clinton won in the 2016 election, CNN notes. But Clinton probably won't follow these big checks with campaign appearances. She has only showed up at one political event this year: a fundraiser for a Georgia gun control activist, an official tells CNN. Clinton knows she's not popular with Republicans, so she's avoided outspoken support for Democratic candidates who are on the edge of winning this fall, sources say. After all, Clinton knows that "there has never been a more important midterm election," a spokesman tells CNN. And keeping herself out of the game could be the best way for Democrats win it. Kathryn Krawczyk
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Trump Questions Whether 3D Printed Guns Should Be Available: ‘Doesn’t Seem to Make Much Sense’

4yrs ago from The Blaze
In a tweet on Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he didn't think allowing people to create their own guns on 3D printers made "much sense." Wait...you can 3D print a gun? 3D printers can build just about any shape using plastic polymers. Cody Wilson, a former University of Texas law student, decided that he would try to design a gun that could be printed this way. In May 2013, the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance ordered Wilson's organization, Defense Distributed, to stop distributing plans to download 3D printed guns. On July 10, the U.S. Department of Justice reached a settlement with the Second Amendment Foundation, which had filed a suit on behalf of Defense Distributed. Under the terms of the agreement, the plans for 3D printed guns would be permitted to be downloaded beginning Wednesday. On Sunday, a federal court in Pennsylvania ruled that plans for 3D guns could not legally be downloaded …
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Federal Court Rules That Pennsylvanians Can’t Download Plans for 3D Printed Gun

4yrs ago from The Blaze
A federal court ruled on Sunday that Pennsylvanians will not be legally permitted to download plans to print guns on 3D printers. What are the details? On July 10, the U.S. Department of Justice reached a settlement with the Second Amendment Foundation. Under the terms of the agreement, plans for 3D gun parts can be distributed freely online, starting on Wednesday. The SAF had filed the lawsuit on behalf of Cody Wilson, who had designed a 3D printed gun and published the plans for the gun online. In 2013, the State Department's Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance ordered Wilson and his organization, Defense Distributed, to immediately stop distributing any plans for guns or gun parts. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Gov. Tom Wolf (D), and the Pennsylvania State Police filed a lawsuit to prevent Defense Distributed from distributing plans for its 3D printed gun in that state. In a statement, Shapiro said: Defense Distributed was promising …
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