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Why the Democrats’ New ‘debt-Free’ College Plan Won’t Really Make College Debt-Free

5yrs ago from Raw Story
Rising student loan debt and concerns about college affordability got considerable attention from Democrats in the 2016 presidential campaign. Those issues are bound to get renewed attention since House Democrats recently introduced the Aim Higher Act – an effort to update the Higher Education Act, the federal law that governs federal higher education programs. The bill promises “debt-free” college to students. As scholars who focus on higher education finance and student aid, we believe the …
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Companies from Corporate Giants to Hot Startups Have Begun Offering Perks and Programs to Tackle Employees’ Stifling

5yrs ago from Business Insider
Companies big and small — including IBM and fitness startup Peloton — offer student loan repayment benefits to employees. Research shows employee financial stability is linked to overall well-being and work performance, and many workers prefer companies who offer student loan debt benefits.
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