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Don’t ‘Brexit’ on AIDS, Pleads Bill Clinton

5yrs ago from Raw Story
Bill Clinton pleaded with the world Friday not to abandon the campaign to rein in the HIV virus which still kills nearly a million people every year and infects twice as many. The world must “hold the line” until a vaccine or cure is found, or face “calamitous” consequences, the US ex-president told the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam “There can be no Brexit in the fight against AIDS,” said the founder of the …
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Faulty Vaccines for Children Causes Widespread Fear, Anger in China

5yrs ago from The Blaze
Chinese citizens and officials are outraged over the discovery that hundreds of thousands of vaccines recently administered to children in the country were faulty. What? How could that happen? An investigation has been launched by China's Food and Drug Administration into the practices of vaccine manufacturer Changsheng Biotechnology Co., after it was discovered that the firm allegedly violated safety standards and subsequently sold more than 250,000 doses of common immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough. Earlier this month, it was discovered that Changsheng had also falsified the production records of a rabies shot the company had developed, but none of those vaccines made it to market. Meanwhile, frustrated parents are left waiting to hear what steps to take next, not knowing what type of reaction the impacted children might have to further boosters now that the shots have been deemed ineffective. So, now what? Five of the company's executives have been taken into custody by …
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A Woman Had Her Child Taken Away. She Blames a Medical Mistake; Doctors Have a Different Story

5yrs ago from The Blaze
A jury in Texas ruled that a woman should have her child taken from her custody. The jury agreed with prosecutors that the mother had been purposely sabotaging the health and well being of her child. The mother swears that her baby’s deteriorating health was caused by a medical mistake that resulted in a wrongly administered Gardasil vaccine to her infant. First, the facts that everyone seems to agree on: The baby in question, Aniya Blu Vasquez, was born on Aug. 4, 2016. On Dec. 29 of that year, Aniya was mistakenly given a shot of Gardasil meant for her 14-year-old brother. This was in addition to her regular, four-month-old vaccine regimen. Gardasil is a vaccine given to children to prevent the spread of human papillomavirus (HPV,) a sexually transmitted disease. Some conservative groups have argued against laws requiring Gardasil vaccinations, on the grounds that this encourages young children to be sexually …
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Bill Shine’s Wife Attacks ‘stupid’ Women Is the Military for Being Sexually Assaulted: ‘What Did You Expect?’

5yrs ago from Raw Story
Recently,President Donald Trump hired former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, as his assistant to the deputy chief of staff for communications. Bill Shine’s wife, Darla Shine, has made headlines after tweeting racist remarks. Her bigotry doesn’t end on Twitter, CNN dug up comments she made about vaccinations, sexual assault, and women in the military. She made these comments in the early 200s during a radio show she hosted. “And you know what, I’m the first …
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7 Incredible Facts About the Thai Cave Rescue

5yrs ago from The Week
Is it a miracle, or is it science? That was the question posed by the Thai Navy SEAL team after the completed rescue of all 12 Thai youth soccer players and their 25-year-old coach on Tuesday. The boys became trapped in the Tham Luang cave on June 23 while exploring the cave system, as rising waters forced them deeper and deeper into the cavern. The boys were finally located, miraculously alive, after nine days of searching — and then the rescue efforts began. Here are 7 facts about the rescue. Jeva Lange 1. Many of the boys did not know how to swim and were given anti-anxiety medications before being helped out by divers. [The New York Times, The Telegraph] 2. It took 11 hours for a diver to make the five-mile roundtrip to reach the boys. [ITV] 3. All the while, hundreds of gallons of water were being pumped out of the cave — the equivalent of 48 Olympic-sized swimming pools in a 75-hour period. In an effort to stop the flooding, authorities also dammed streams that flowed into the caves. Natural shafts that dumped water into the caves were also plugged. [Sky, Reuters] 4. Divers used "Heyphones," a 20-year-old technology, to communicate with the rescue base. The ultra-low frequency transmitters are able to penetrate through rock and send divers' locations and messages. [Wired] 5. Approximately 90 divers were involved in the rescue. About 50 were foreigners. [AFP] 6. After being in the dark for two weeks, the boys have to wear dark sunglasses after they emerge, until their eyes adjust. [NYT] 7. After being removed from the cave, the boys went straight to the hospital — and into quarantine. Doctors are worried about diseases that might have been in the cave waters or spread by animals. All the boys have been treated with antibiotics and received vaccinations for tetanus and rabies. Two boys might have pneumonia, but the doctor called all of the first eight rescued "in good health, with no fever, and in a good mood." [NYT]
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Candidate AIDS Vaccine Passes Key Early Test

5yrs ago from Raw Story
The near 40-year quest for an AIDS vaccine received a hopeful boost Saturday when scientists announced that a trial drug triggered an immune response in humans and shielded monkeys from infection. Shown to be safe in humans, the candidate vaccine has now advanced to the next phase of the pre-approval trial process, and will be tested in 2,600 women in southern Africa to see whether it prevents HIV infection. While the results so far have …
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White House Official’s Wife Tweeted About N-Word, Anti-Vaccine Conspiracies from Now-Deleted Account: Report

5yrs ago from Washington Post
Darla Shine, whose husband is the new deputy chief of staff for communications, questioned why white people can't use the n-word without being labeled racist, defended the Confederate flag and highlighted instances of black-on-white crime, according to Mediaite.
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Bill Shine’s Wife Had a Shockingly Racist Twitter Feed Until Her Husband Joined the Trump Administration

5yrs ago from The Week
When former Fox News executive Bill Shine officially joined the White House communications team on Thursday, his wife's Twitter account was deleted. But before that happened, Mediaite nabbed screenshots of some of Darla Shine's most unsavory posts, sharing them with the public on Friday. Over the years, Shine traversed a diverse range of hot-button issues, airing her grievances on everything from vaccines to Stormy Daniels. Shine also tweeted a number of racist and Islamophobic opinions, the screenshots show. Darla Shine deleted her Twitter account as soon as Bill Shine officially joined the Trump administration, but I saved all her tweets — here's a sampling of her hot takes https://t.co/BUs9RQ1i7A pic.twitter.com/TGTNVbROX2 — Caleb Ecarma (@calebecarma) July 6, 2018 Shine, who ran a blog and podcast about being a "happy housewife," complained repeatedly about not being to use the n-word, demanding that "blacks stop using the N word!" in the interest of fairness. She also defended University of Oklahoma students who sang a racist song about "never" allowing black students into their fraternity, and said that "Big Pharma" was to blame for Charleston shooter Dylann Roof's actions. The Confederate flag fan additionally wanted to ban "the Muslim face veil" worn by American Muslim women, and claimed that "1 out of 10 black boys has autism!" Neither Darla nor Bill Shine responded to Mediaite's requests for comment. Darla's many, many unfounded and offensive claims have been scrubbed from the web, but more of them are available for viewing at Mediaite. Summer Meza
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