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Georgia Police Sergeant Taunts 13-Year-Old and Then Leaves Him in Freezing Patrol Car: ‘Getting Cold Yet?’

3yrs ago from Raw Story
New body camera footage shows two Georgia police officers leaving a 13-year-old boy freezing in the back of a police cruiser on a cold early January morning as an apparent interrogation tactic. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that early on the morning of January 2, a Roswell, Georgia police officer identified as C. Dickerson stopped a 13-year-old boy who was driving a golf cart. According to the police report obtained by the AJC, the boy only had on …
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Body Cams Demonstrate Their Indispensability in a Minneapolis Shooting

3yrs ago from Red State
The more we learn the more it is obvious that requiring police officers to wear body cameras is critical to both suppressing police misconduct (it is amazing how people will conduct themselves when they know they are being watched) and to combating malicious allegations of misconduct. Just before Memorial Day, race-baiter extraordinaire Shaun King, aka Talcum X because to all appearances he’s a white guy | Read More »
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Film Inclusion Report Says Rhetoric Doesn’t Equal Results

3yrs ago from Washington Times
Despite enthusiastic discourse around diversity in film, a report from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative released Tuesday says when it comes to the numbers, little has changed. The most popular movies are still largely the domain of white, straight, able-bodied men, both in front of the camera and behind.
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Minneapolis Police Release Bodycam Video of Officer-Involved Shooting Death of 31-Year-Old Black Man

3yrs ago from The Blaze
The Minneapolis Police Department has released bodycam video of last month's officer-involved shooting death of a 31-year-old black man, KARE-TV reported. Thurman Blevins led Officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly on a foot chase that ended when the officers shot and killed the suspect. The department has faced scrutiny following Blevins' death. "This is just one part of an effort to bring greater transparency," Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said during a news conference after police released the bodycam videos. "We can't make our city a better place by demonizing all police or by failing to recognize that black lives do matter." Police made public three separate videos — two raw videos and one stabilized and analyzed video — from the body cameras worn by officers Schmidt and Kelly. The officers remain on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. What happened? On June 23, officers Schmidt and Kelly responded to a 911 call on the north side at …
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WATCH: Police Body Camera Catches Bystander Making NFL-Like Tackle of Fleeing Perp

3yrs ago from The Blaze
When a suspect escaped the grasp of a Provo police officer attempting to arrest him during a welfare check gone wrong, a bystander stepped up to take the fleeing perp down, KSTU-TV reported. Officer Austin Williams was chasing suspect Emiliano Medina after the man threw punches and reportedly tried to grab the officer's gun, when a bystander ended things abruptly with a hit the officer described as "like NFL hardest hits type of stuff." What happened? Williams arrived at a Sam's Club gas station Tuesday after receiving reports of a man asking people for water. It was supposed to be a simple welfare check. Williams approached Medina in a non-threatening way, simply asking if he was alright. Medina appeared hostile from the beginning, responding by pointing his hand like a gun to his own head and then lunging at the officer's gun. Medina and Williams engage in a brief struggle as Williams orders him to …
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Why the Democrats’ New ‘debt-Free’ College Plan Won’t Really Make College Debt-Free

3yrs ago from Raw Story
Rising student loan debt and concerns about college affordability got considerable attention from Democrats in the 2016 presidential campaign. Those issues are bound to get renewed attention since House Democrats recently introduced the Aim Higher Act – an effort to update the Higher Education Act, the federal law that governs federal higher education programs. The bill promises “debt-free” college to students. As scholars who focus on higher education finance and student aid, we believe the …
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Gun-Wielding Males Steal Jewelry Right Off Vietnam Vet as He Sits on Porch—but There’s Hopeful News

3yrs ago from The Blaze
Fresh from a doctor's appointment, Kendrick Holloway was sitting on the porch of his Detroit home Friday afternoon when two men — one pointing a gun — walked right up to him, WJBK-TV reported. "The guy kept saying, 'I will shoot you,'" Holloway, 68, recalled to the station. And given his eyes were dilated from the doctor visit and his vision was blurry, WJBK said, the Vietnam veteran and cancer survivor wasn't game for a confrontation. "It happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to think about it," Holloway added to the station. "My biggest thing was, 'Just don't shoot me, take the jewelry' ... That's replaceable, I'm not." Within two minutes, jewelry of sentimental value was ripped and snatched right off his body as he sat there at gunpoint, WJBK said. The hopeful news? Fortunately, a doorbell video camera recorded the armed theft, the station said. What's more, while a WJBK reporter was interviewing Holloway, …
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